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11115 Lake Shore Drive
Berrien Springs,
Michigan 49103


Lake Chapin Shores homes and lakefront properties

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Read a few testimonials on our Michigan lake homes

Why Lake Chapin Shores

"We had been looking for three years and gave up for a year because we didn't find what we were looking for in terms of quality and convenience. Many of the Michigan lake homes for sale we were finding in Grand Beach and Paw Paw areas, for example, were asking too much for too little. The houses required a lot of additional cost to update and upgrade or were located in a nice, but congested area. Too congested for us."  -Laura and Brett

"We were looking in the area and wanted no more than a two to two-and-half hour drive outside of Chicago, not too densely populated. Some places can be lovely to look at but too densely populated. We wanted summer and winter activity." -Robin and Kurt

"We looked in Wisconsin and then visited a friend on Paw Paw Lake and decided we wanted a Michigan vacation home close to Chicago. We did some Internet research and that's how we found Lake Chapin Shores." -Cathy and Brian

"I like the proximity of our Michigan vacation home. It's not intimidating to drive up here by myself, only an hour and 40 minutes from home, door-to-door." -Carole

"We never considered WI, just too far and too crowded, and we have a friend in Paw Paw with a condo. We looked at a beach house there, but it needed too much additional work and then saw Lake Chapin Shores on the Internet and decided to look." -Laura and Brett

"We love Holland and have friends in Fennville who like being on Lake Michigan. Our home at Lake Chapin Shores isn't a beachfront property, but it is on a lake; we have a dock, a boat, a pool, a beautiful, comfortable second home that is close to home with great neighbors. Everything in life is a compromise. I figure that if we were looking for eight things we wanted and got seven, we got a great deal. If we want a beach experience, we have that available to us. With young children in the family, we didn't want a Lake Michigan beachfront property, which can pose a danger to them and is so much more expensive." -Gary

"We'd been looking for several months in the New Buffalo, Union Pier area and felt that they were too commercialized, too busy. We decided to look at other smaller lakes we could use our boat on every day. On Lake Michigan, you can't get out whenever you want because of the weather and roughness. Barb saw an ad in Shore Magazine and we went out for a visit. There was no infrastructure yet, all dirt roads at the time, but we fell in love with the scenic beauty and majesty of the property." -Ken

"We were neighbors of Steve's and weren't looking, but when we saw the property from the bridge on 31, we were intrigued." -Carole and Gary

"We chose Lake Chapin Shores because of the beauty of the property, the privacy, seclusion. The area is not as commercial as New Buffalo or St. Joe's. The lake is essentially private." -Ken and Barb

How often we get to our second home

"We visit every weekend during the summer and the 'girls like the snow' so we're here several times through the winter, too." -Brett

"We get to our Michigan lakefront home about every other weekend, generally, and every weekend in the summer." -Cathy and Brian

"We're there a lot in the summer, sometimes during the week and intermittently during the winter. We consider it a summer place, but have used it around the holidays and we let our grown kids use it with their families. Within the first year, we had a family reunion. There were 28 of us; the house was able to accommodate overnight stays for 22 very nicely, four generations from ages 3 to 90 and something to do for everyone."
-Carole and Gary

"Our Lake Chapin house is just 90 minutes from home.  It's easy to get to, so we spend as many weekends as we possibly can and sometimes come up for a week at a time." -Beth and Joe

"We're here 45 out of 52 weekends, every chance we get." -Barb and Ken

What we like best about Lake Chapin Shores

"I see my husband relax the moment we hit Red Bud Trail." -Laura

"We found it to be everything we hoped it would be." -Brett

"I think the best feature about Lake Chapin Shores is that the homes are beautifully built with super high quality. The back of our home facing the lake and up on the bluff give us a stunning view with a 'wow factor'." -Kurt

"It takes only 2 hours to get there, but it can seem like a world away, relaxing. It gives the feeling of being on vacation even if we're there only 2 nights over the weekend. It's restful and relaxing." -Robin

"What we like best about our home at Lake Chapin Shores is that it's like being on vacation every weekend; it's easy to get to, only an hour 40 minutes from our house in Chicago and it's a great place to relax after the stresses of the work week." -Cathy and Brian

"When I was growing up and just after we got married, my family had regular family gatherings in the country just South of Buffalo, New York in a rustic little cabin.  Everyone had memories of those days, so when we invited everyone to "our little cottage" at Lake Chapin Shores, they didn't expect the big beautiful deck overlooking the lake, the pool, the dock, all the amenities." -Carole and Gary

"When I finish work and we're on our way, I'm already decompressing from the stresses of the week, and there's now an Amtrak schedule that makes the trip even easier. I can leave the office and catch the 4:10 train." -Kurt

"It was a family decision to build. Our kids are grown with families of their own, so we asked them if we build a lake home in Michigan close to Chicago, will they use it. They do! We like the feeling when we come up here that we're going away, like a vacation." -Carole and Gary

"Our Lake Chapin Shores home has improved the quality of life for us tremendously. That is, we work hard all week, and just knowing that Friday we'll be at Lake Chapin, gives us a lot to look forward to, and we know that when we leave Monday morning, we'll be back again on Friday!" -Barb and Ken

The Pool

"We were considering buying a house and putting in a pool, but what I like about our Lake Chapin home is that we have beautiful house with a great view and it comes with a playground and a pool that we don't have to maintain!"
-Laura and Brett

"A swimming pool is many times considered a 'nice' feature, but here it is more than just a nice feature, it is a centerpiece of activity in the summer. It is a really nice place to get together. There's a place to grill and a fire-pit." -Kurt

"We can look out of our window and see what's going on at the swimming pool and go down and join in." -Robin an Kurt

The Kids

"The children love playing together and there's something for every age at Lake Chapin Shores, including young children." -Laura

"The kids like the place. They had their friends up after college graduation. They liked going to the Round Barn, which is a brewery as well as a winery. They liked the lake activity and nearby golfing. Golfing is good here; it's close and it's not expensive." -Kurt

"The kids love it here. They like going out on the boat. There's a tree swing that hangs over the water and they like being in the pool and just being outside." -Cathy and Brian

"There is activity for every age, but particularly for the kids. The pool, the playground and the other children in the community ensure that there is plenty of outdoor exercise, but beyond that I see in my own children that it is building their confidence to try new things. My children have gained confidence in the water and have become 'water babies'." -Laura

"We have young kids and liked the idea of getting outside the city on weekends and seeing them grow up on the lake." -Cathy and Brian 

"The kids love it here. There's a lot to do. They bring their friends up in the summer for fun on the lake and at the pool. We've gone peach-picking and apple-picking with the kids. It's a great place for kids." -Beth

"The kids and their friends love it here. My son had a New Years Eve party here with 15-16 of his friends." -Ken

The Lake

"It gets us out and active. We were not boaters and didn't own a boat, but this lake is quiet and has so little traffic that we have become boaters and like tubing and jet skiing. It's a good place not to run into people!" -Laura and Brett

"We like the close proximity to Lake Michigan for the beach." -Robin and Kurt

"On the lake, there's fishing and tubing, there a small sandbar that is a gathering spot for the kids." -Kurt.

"We like being on Lake Chapin. It's an allsports lake close to Chicago. Compared to Lake Michigan, it's warmer and traffic is so light, it's easier." -Cathy and Brian

"We've never owned a boat before. If I turn the key and it doesn't start, I'm out of ideas, but now I'm able to help my neighbors in the Lake Chapin Shores community who find themselves in the same spot as new boat owners. The lake itself is so peaceful, not intimidating like Lake Michigan, but big enough that you can do what you want to do and know that you can get back to the dock pretty quickly if you need to. The young kids love the boat and can't wait to go out when they're here." -Carole

"We had never owned a boat before, but we learn as we go with help from our neighbors who also are first-time boat-owners." -Cathy and Brian

"We are new at boating, have never before owned a boat, but now that we're on Michigan all-sports lake, with neighbors who also are new at boating, we learn from each other. Everybody is willing to help you." -Kurt

"We looked at other locations, but we love the fact that at Lake Chapin Shores, you can get on the lake and it's never crowded. It's big enough that you don't get bored, but small enough that it's manageable. Both my husband and I grew up in a family that rented a home in the summer in Michigan, but we had never owned a boat before now. The kids love getting out on the water, tubing." -Beth

"I've always owned a boat and I'm an avid fisherman, out on the lake 11 months of the year, through November and December.  The steelhead and walleye fishing on the connected St. Joe River is very good and in summer and there's so little traffic on Lake Chapin, it's like having your own private lake.  There are only two public places on the lake where you can put in a boat, a boat club in Berrien Springs that requires property ownership on the lake in order to be a club member and a dock in Buchanan about 10 miles from here." -Ken

The Neighbors

"The house has the 'wow' factor and the view is spectacular. Our home has the quality we wanted , conveniently located, with a great community of neighbors. I love every person in our community; all wonderful people." -Laura

"You can't always pick your neighbors, but what makes this community so nice is that we all are in a second home, everybody watches out for everyone else. It's a place where you can be social, but at the same time, enjoy your privacy. There is always someone here and it's great to know there's someone who is keeping an eye on the place." -Robin

"Because this is a relatively new community, everybody is looking for fellowship and friendship, and there are no established 'insiders'." -Robin and Kurt

"The people in the community are really great. There is a variety of age groups, there's a retired couple and a families with kids of different ages, young kids and college age." -Cathy and Brian

"We like that we can have a big party and not feel like we're intruding on our neighbors. We appreciate the space and the wilderness and knowing that we're not alone, that help is close by if you need it, but not too close! Everyone respects their neighbors' time here." -Carole and Gary

"There's an annual block party and people with young children, some with college age children and those with grandchildren, so there's plenty of shared experience for everyone and lots of informal get-togethers and cocktail parties." -Robin

"Everyone in the Lake Chapin community is real friendly. They let us know when someone has discovered a great new restaurant or event in the area." -Beth and Joe

"The Lake Chapin Shores community is phenomenal. We've made so many new friends here and we've strengthened our relationship with existing friends because we been able to invite them to visit and enjoy the area together." -Barb and Ken


"We love the area, the beautiful color in Fall, the wineries and their tours; it's easy to get to St. Joseph's for lunch or visit Saugatuck's quaint shops along the river, Holland's Tulip Festival in the Spring.  Our Michigan lakefront home at Lake Chapin Shores is a great base for longer trips around Lake Michigan. With young children, such trips would be difficult without a convenient base station." -Laura and Brett

"Love the apple-picking at Lemon Creek, winter cross-country skiing at Love Creek." -Robin and Kurt

"The concierge service provided a chef for help with Laura's birthday party of 12; and the service is always ready with advice and recommendations." -Brett 

"Notre Dame is 15 minutes from here and we like to go to the games. I had a guys weekend for the Notre Dame/USC game and took the kids to their first football game." -Brian

"For my high school reunion, friends were able to come up from as far away as Santa Barbara and Denver and have a good time because there is so much to see and do in this area. Something for everyone." -Kurt

"There are a lot of things to do in Michigan. We've taken the kids tubing at Five Pines Ministry where they have a 400 foot tubing hill. It's fun and inexpensive. They charge $5 per child for a day of play. We've gone with three or four other families from Lake Chapin Shores."  We want to get to Swiss Valley for some skiing when the snow returns!" -Cathy and Brian

"We like to build a campfire and make s'mores." -Gary

"My husband has a motion-detector camera that he has posted outside the back deck, so we get great pictures of deer in the woods and other animals in their natural environment that we download to the computer and share with family and friends." -Beth

"We love going to the Notre Dame games, only 20 minutes from here. If I want a tailgate party, we can do that in the morning or we can leave here an hour before game time and not miss anything." -Ken

"Ken loves to fish on the private, secluded lake. He can go out any time and do some world-class steelhead, nothern pike and walleye fishing without seeing anyone else. I love the wineries, antique shops, quaint towns and the Casino nearby. We both love the restaurants, especially the Grand Mere Inn. We take friends to the wineries and breweries. Restaurants are top notch; prices are good." -Barb

The Builder and the Developers

"If you're not there for a week, and something happens, there's always help available. During a big storm a tree fell near our neighbors' driveway and a crew was out there the next day clearing it away." -Laura and Brett

"We are both extremely happy with the quality of the work by the builder.
He is best I've worked with, and I've built four homes." -Cathy and Brian

"The developers have done a great job; they had foresight and didn't skimp on anything and do what they say they'll do." -Carole and Gary

"We love the quality of construction" -Brett

Overall value

"The house has the 'wow' factor and the view is spectacular. Our Michigan lake home has the quality we wanted , conveniently located, with a great community of neighbors. I love every person in our community; all wonderful people. The children love playing together; there's something for every age at Lake Chapin Shores, including young children." -Laura

"Our Michigan vacation home at Lake Chapin Shores offers greater value compared to lake homes on other lakes in the same proximity to Chicago. For example, if we were to take our home and put it on Paw Paw Lake, we'd have paid $400,000 more and that lake has much more traffic!" -Cathy and Brian

"When we priced other Michigan lake homes for sale in the area, we found Lake Chapin Shores value irresistible, both in terms of quality construction, home-away-from home comfort and convenience and reliable support system." -Laura and Brett 


"Building a new home can be such a big event, but at Lake Chapin, you can leverage the experiences of your neighbors to help you discover features that you'd like to have, and the fact that we're all working with the same builder, makes it a less intimidating process for a fantastic result. Makes it very straightforward, easy." -Kurt

"We didn't build our house, we bought the model because it so nicely matched our style and our requirements for quality construction. Our advice to folks looking for a second home on a big all-sports lake:  Seriously consider the option to buy the model at Lake Chapin Shores!" -Beth and Joe

"When you are looking for a second home or a place on the water, you can lose sight of the fact that an un-crowded lake makes a big difference. Lake Chapin is a quiet, un-crowded body of water, which contributes to the relaxed atmosphere here." -Kurt

"Make sure you have a very good builder. Do your homework and look at land values and Michigan lakefront home values in the area. Make sure the area meets your needs and is suitable to your interests. I like to fish and Barb likes to go to the towns, casino and antique shops. We found everything here at Lake Chapin Shores." -Ken


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